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Today’s traveller is World Wide Nate. He shares some amazing travel stories. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Nathan Fluellen aka World Wide Nate hailing from Los Angeles via Chicago.  I’ve been traveling world for the past 8 years telling stories about my experiences in adventure, culture and food.  My adventurous spirit gravitates toward heart pumping activities like jumping off stadiums, hang gliding and scuba diving to name a few.  I’m a people person and fascinated with different cultures.  I believe learning from how other societies function gives me wisdom and patience in my own life.  Growing up I was privilege to indulge in some of the best cooking and blessed with a high metabolism which has allowed me to become a professional eater.   I’m willing to try any type of food but I will admit I chickened out when offered fruit bat soup in Palau.  I just couldn’t bring myself to eat a bat.  I capture all these experience on my travel show that I produce and host called, “World Wide Nate” which can be seen at youtube.com/worldwidenate, worldwidnate.com or thegro.com.


My neck pillow and sleep mask are mandatory.  I can sleep anywhere and I’m a vampire so definitely need those two items on a plane so I’m ready to get busy when I land.  On demand entertainment has me acting like a kid in the candy store because usually all the movies they have are the ones I didn’t get to see in the theatre.  My Beats by Dre heads phones cancel out all the noise and allows me to enjoy movies and music while flying.  They also eliminate flight noise when I’m sleeping.

46, Africa is on my 2016 agenda.  I would love to visit at least 10 countries in Africa and Antarctica

My OG (original gangsta) travel hack is couchsurfing which I used to connect with people around the world and sometimes spend the night when I first started traveling.  Today, I still use couchsurfing but for the social component.  A lot of people abused the friendliness of the hosts and now most host have a rigorous process to get accepted.  These days I just connect with people to meet up for coffee so I can get local insight to a destination and get introduced to their circle of friends.  With the emergence of websites like Airbnb its very affordable to find lodging around the world.  I also have a travel hack to save $25 off your first stay. Use my invite code: www.airbnb.com/c/nfluellen?s=8

I think every person of color should go to Rio de Janiero for New Year’s Eve.  Brazil’s population is 50% black and their summer is in December/January.  It’s a beautiful thing to see thousands of black folks hanging out on the beach, partying and enjoy life while majority of people in the States are paying inflated prices to party in hot boxes.

I digress the reasons Rio is the place to be is because the city is buzzing.  Everyone is partying and having fun anticipating the New Year’s eve celebration on the beach.  Millions of people are dressed in all white and gather on Copacabana beach.  There are concerts, groups of people socializing and then the entire firework show over the Atlantic Ocean is the equivalent to our grand finale during our firework shows.  People also go into the ocean and jump the waves sevens times for good luck if that is your thing. I’ve actually been twice because it’s that much fun!


Do you have a favorite hotel?

Singita Lebombo in Krueger Park, South Africa has been my favorite lodging experience.  Its not a hotel but its the best place I’ve rested my head while traveling aboard. I took a private plane from Johannesburg and landed in the bush to get there.  My room was bigger then most studio apartments. I had a huge king size bed and you could control the room’s lighting from the nightstand.  A fully stocked fridge came with beer, wine, pop, and liquor.  The bathroom had a tub, indoor and outdoor shower.  The food was amazing and the staff would say, “you can have anything you like.”  I felt like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America when he met Vanessa Bell-Calloway after Oha sang “She’s Your Queen”.   I remember one day I had a venison burger and rosé for lunch.  Singita also provides game drives and I was lucky to see the Big 5 (African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and Black rhinoceros) in one day which is a rarity.  Singita was dope!

Where’s the best beach?

The Exumas, Bahamas is hands down the best beach destination!  When I mention The Bahamas people tend to act like its small time but the outer islands are what makes The Bahamas special.  The turquoise blue water is spectacular when you’re looking into the sea and its crystal clear.  The white sand is powder soft like a babies bottom.  It’s almost like you stepped into a dream when you’re there.  The best part is that it’s black people everywhere and they’re so nice.  There is a restaurant called Chat n Chill and its backyard is the beach. You can eat then lay out on the beach and it’s never crowded.

New York City is hands down the best place to dance the night away.  NYC has so many options but my go to party is Jump N Funk created by my big homie Rich Medina.  It’s a tribute to Fela Kuti, the late Nigerian artist and creator of Afro Funk.  You can go to any Rich Medina party and sweat out your clothes but Jump N Funk bear hugs your soul!  If you never heard of Fela Kuti google the song “Water Get No Enemy”, I heard that song at APT in the MeatPacking District while Rich was spinning on a Wednesday night and it changed my life.

My dream destination is Antarctica. Antarctica is the one place that humans has not messed up and it would be privilege to touch down on the white continent one day.

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