Our “Master Traveler” list is curated by the editors of this blog.  We profile some of the most engaging and unique black travelers on the web. 

Today’s traveler is  Ama Schreyer.   She’s currently in London and her travel style adventurer with a kick of luxury.  Follow along on her travels via her instagram

Can you tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Lover of Red Lippy, that loves to explore the world whilst wearing Amatique and singing away to my favourite songs

Ama Beach

What are your 3 in-flight essentials
1. Lip Balm (a must have!)
2. Hand/Face cream
3. Big fluffy Pillow

How many countries have you visited? and what’s on your travel agenda for 2016?

I think I have now visited around 33 different countries.  In 2016 I would love to see Greece, Iceland and and Australia

Ama 2
Do you travel hack (use points, miles, or fare glitches for travel, if so any lessons learned, when did you start, etc)

I usually look for the best deals online and on the odd occasion I have used some of my air miles

What is a travel destination or festival that every person of color must visit? and why?

Notting hill carnival – London.  It’s a fantastic weekend where London comes alive and celebrates.  It’s a must in the summer!

Favorite hotel and why?

My fave would have to be the Hilton – Rangali Island in the Maldives (Now called the Conrad Hotel) why? Other than the fact it’s the most beautiful place on earth. It has the best Spa and an underwater restaurant 🙂

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
Where’s the best beach?

Favorite beach destination? Anywhere in the Indian ocean 🙂

Ama S

City with best nightlife?

I would say London or Ghana

Do you have a dream destination?

Machu Picchu or the Phillipines are on my bucket list

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