Hack’d is our series that details how to travel for free or cheap. Today’s installment comes from Brandon of We are the Great Ones

When I started telling my family and friends that I was going to Colombia, they thought I had lost my mind. When I told them that my flight ticket was only $138 round trip, they really thought I lost it. I know people who spend $400 plus for a flight ticket to New York from Houston and I think that’s outrageous.

To be honest, I haven’t spent over $200 for a flight ticket in the past year and a half.

Are you interested in my Jedi travel hacking skills? 

To be honest, it was quite easy. I am apart of a free travel community called Driftr Travels. On a daily basis, flights deals are posted from different websites like Flightdeals.com, AirfareSpot.com, Fly4Free.com, and several more.

Since I knew I wanted to take an international trip during the summer with my team, The Great Ones I kept an eye out for flight deals within the travel group. Although several great deals posted, I was looking for something unconventional. I didn’t want to do Europe or the Caribbean this summer.

Then finally, the perfect deal for us posted. $138 r/t to Bogota from Orlando. A flight to Bogota usually ranges from $400-$600. Due to the popularity of the Netflix show Narcos, I knew a little bit about Colombia, but I personally didn’t know anyone who visited. I hopped right on it and booked instantly. The flight deal was through Orbitz with Copa Airlines.

Now I just had to figure out how we would get to Orlando from Austin.


Getting to Orlando

Well, this was a pretty easy task and the least of my worries. I am a Southwest Companion Pass holder. This allows a companion to fly for free with you for as long as you hold the companion pass. This goes for paid and rewards flights. So I used points from my Southwest balance for our flight to Orlando. That only cost $5.60/ person.


Yes, we flew to Orlando from Austin for only $11.20 for two people! That puts us at a total of  $143.60/person for the entire trip. You can’t beat that!


This was the best trip to date for us and we didn’t put a dent in our pockets. All it took was a little patience and consistency.

If you want to find great flight deals, you have to be willing to find them. They will not knock on your front door.

Don’t let the stigma that you have to have a lot of money to travel stop you from experiencing the world.

Final Tips

These quick tips will get you on the path to hacking your way through cheap travel.

  • Be flexible
  • Join a travel community
  • Follow travel blogs and websites
  • Book now, plan later
  • Get a travel rewards credit card


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